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Light Duty Wire Turntable Trucks T884

7-10 Days
Light Duty Wire Turntable Trucks T884
Light Duty Wire Turntable Trucks T884
  • Stock: 7-10 Days
  • Model: T884

Light duty wire turntable trucks T884 are the workhorses within engineering, logistics and stores areas up and down the country. Turntable trucks are designed to manoeuvre items effortlessly and safely within the workplace with minimum effort required by the operator due to the 200mm dia wheeling. Trucks have a 150kg capacity. Platform Size: 965 x 559 x 203mm (LxWxH) ; Colour: Blue.


Platform Size: 965 x 533 x 203mm (LxWH)

Height Of Sides: 203mm

Capacity: 150kgs

Precision Turntable Steering

Mounted on 200mm wheeling

Colour: Blue

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