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Mirror-Max Apex Half Hemisphere Mirror

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Mirror-Max Apex Half Hemisphere Mirror
Mirror-Max Apex Half Hemisphere Mirror
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  • Model: 246.14.036
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Mirror-Max Apex Half Hemisphere Mirror 246.14.036 provides the user 180˚ visibility for safety and security applications. Half hemisphere mirrors are fitted to walls at ceiling height to ensure a sharp image. These mirrors give 180° visibility and are perfect for within warehouses where forklift/foot traffic is in use, mirror gives both forklift operators and any walking traffic early warning that there is objects ahead. Mirror is manufactured from 1.5mm acrylic making it virtually unbreakable. Available in 2 sizes. Suitable for outdoor use.



Designed to fit flat against walls to give excellent visibility

Ideal for foyers, reception areas, offices ect

Unit comes in 2 sizes

Comes with a 5 year guarantee

Units are GS approved

Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Use


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