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Model: 1531
Platform Trucks 1531 with three fixed mesh sides are used extensively within the logistics and distribution industries for the safe transportation of goods from depot to store and within warehouse environments to ship products safely. This three sided platform truck is mounted on (2 x ..
Model: ALT1
Self-Levelling trolley 3TRLLC ensures employees reduce fatigue and over-stretching whilst loading/un-loading parcels/goods from trolly. Operators unload from the top at a comfortable working height approximately waist height. A unique self-levelling mechanism brings items at the bottom easily in..
Model: C3TRSEN
The Classic Senior mail trolley C3TRSEN is the workhorse of the mailroom, it's classic design is timeless. Trolley is fitted with non-marking buffering around the base to protect walls,doors ect. Mounted on 2 x 200mm rear wheels and 2 x 125mm castors giving the Senior trolley excellent manoeuvra..
Model: 3CVSU16
Clearview Concept: configurable sorting shelves in a strong MFC cabinet.Manufactured from sturdy transparent acrylic, clearview shelving provides the most efficient way to sort and store mail documents. You can see straight through each shelf, so no important letters or documents need be overlo..
Model: GT3
The GT3 trolley is available in a number of configurations for the distribution of mail, heavy parcels, medical records, etc. Fully welded steel frame with bolt-on swivel wheeling. Diamond pattern wheeling enables trolley to turn 180º in it's own length. Non-marking white buffering (Heat Shrunk ..
Model: GT1
A highly manoeuvrable, versatile trolley ideal for locations where space is at a premium. The GT1 features two large capacity nesting baskets which can be easily removed from the trolley frame. Fully welded frame fitted with hook on baskets, two front and one optional rear pannier. Front swivel ..
Model: GT2 Mail Trolley
The GT2 features two large capacity nesting baskets which can be easily removed from the trolley frame. The top basket has a unique tilting mechanism allowing easier access to the bottom basket. Front baskets can be supplied lockable where further security is required. Fully welded frame fitted ..
Model: BT109
Mail Distribution Trolley BT109 is a small mail/parcel trolley with 3 tiers.Ideal for a small office, unit comes complete with 2 removable baskets + bottom parcel shelf. Fitted with 4 x 100mm non-marking rubber tyred swivel castors. Finish: Red ; Basket Size: 450 x 305 x 240mm ; Shelf Heights @ ..
Model: BT106
Mesh Basket Distribution Trolley BT106 is the ideal solution for large offices,hospitals and mail distribution centres. Fitted with a top basket 190 x 520 x 1055mm + a lower basket 320 x 520 x 1055mm it is ideal for the distribtion of large mail envelopes and parcels. Truck is mounted on 2 fixed..
Model: 8482-1
Mesh parcel trolleys 8482-1 are used within warehouses, logistics and postal centres for the movement of large bulky and oversized parcels. With their large 200mm diameter castor the trolleys are easily moved even when fully loaded due to the easy roll roller bearings. All trolleys are mounted on..
Model: 3TRMIN
The Minor Mail/Parcel Trolley 3TRMIN is a small versatile trolley, ideal for locations where space is at a minimum. Trolley features two medium capacity nesting front hook-on baskets which can be easily removed from the fully-welded trolley frame – pre-fitted with a sheet steel base with re..
Model: Mail Sack 1
Ultra-durable nylon mail sacks are designed specifically for our Sack holders. Nylon sacks are guaranteed to give long service.Nylon Type: ·      Flat sack design is easy to fold and store·      Features 4 D-rings and rope neck·  &..
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